The team at Connection Kernel specialises in training you to use the best social sales tool, LinkedIn. We work with you to identify your core business, target market & build a smart & strategic marketing plan using the powerful social sales tool, LinkedIn. If you don’t have time, we can also write your Profile for you.
The increasing cost of search engine optimisation & online advertising is becoming out of reach for a lot of businesses & that combined with a lack of understanding about how digital marketing works is creating excessive strain on SME’s, this does not have to be the case!

LinkedIn is without doubt the world’s premier business network & most powerful social sales tool available to businesses today. Yet it is also one of the least understood & most underutilised tools at your fingertips.

By connecting with fellow LinkedIn members you open yourself up to opportunities that might astound you, from finding a new client, to being offered your own international radio show! There are endless possibilities on LinkedIn for creating brand awareness & building your business.

Whether to position yourself as an Authority in your niche or to generate quality leads and sales, we have a strategy that will be tailored for your business needs.

Our team also has a gift for extracting your story so if you are looking for someone to write your Powerful LinkedIn Profile Headline and Summary, please contact us.

LinkedIn For Brand YOU

Whether you are in business, employed or about to join the workforce, investing in your personal brand – Brand YOU – is critical in today’s world. Brand YOU is critical for gaining respect, creating new opportunities and having a positive influence on the conversation people have about you.
LinkedIn can be a powerful partner in your personal branding strategy.

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LinkedIn For Professionals

We show you how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to position yourself as an authority & the go-to person in your niche which will give you an incredible advantage.

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LinkedIn For Teams

Are all your employees on the same page when it comes to representing your business? Our LinkedIn Team Training provides concise training that will help team members understand how LinkedIn works, the correct etiquette to use & how to share company information correctly.

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LinkedIn For Sales

Do you need a solid strategy to generate quality, targeted leads & sales using LinkedIn? Over 80% of business-to-business leads are generated through LinkedIn compared to other social networks. Developing a tailored sales strategy for your business is what we do.

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Do-It-For-You Service

If you don’t have the time to immerse yourself in LinkedIn and understand the tools at your disposal, allow the experts at Connection Kernel to do it for you so that you can get back to doing what you do best – servicing your clients. Our team has the winning formula to create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile for you which will build your profile and attract leads while you focus on your business. After your Profile is created, we also work with you to ensure you optimise your profile to connect with your ideal client. We show you how to manage your brand online through targeted connections, content generation, posts and other forms of engagement.

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