Help Required To Add The Gold Coast As Location Search Field On LinkedIn

Help Required To Add The Gold Coast As Location Search Field On LinkedIn
Gold Coast Professionals & Friends in Business, have you noticed that you can’t search for fellow Gold Coast businesses and professionals in the search location field on LinkedIn? In fact, it is challenging to add your location as ‘Gold Coast’ other than entering your postcode and finding locations nearby. We need to change this as it is disadvantaging local Gold Coast businesses & professionals from connecting properly & generating more business &/or finding a new job. I have written to LinkedIn on several occasions about this deficiency and an extract from the response is below:
I understand that the Gold coast has not been listed in the search field. I’ve sent your suggestion to our product team for consideration. When many of our members ask for the same improvement, we try our best to get it done. However, due to the large number of suggestions we receive, we usually don’t provide a timeline.
The focus statement here is ‘when many of our members ask‘… so I figured if LinkedIn start receiving the same feedback request many times, it may move up the priority line and result in swift change…but I can’t do this alone! Please also share this article so that action can happen quickly. To help your business grow &/or to find your next amazing career opportunity on the Gold Coast, please work together and send a quick feedback message to LinkedIn, it is an important step to our immediate growth. THIS WILL ONLY TAKE 30 SECONDS, SIMPLY FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW: I have written the feedback message for you below to just CUT AND PASTE to make it easier or feel free to write your own:
Hi LinkedIn Team, I have noticed that the Gold Coast can’t be searched as a location field on LinkedIn. This disadvantages me from growing my network with local businesses and professionals which is the main reason I have a LinkedIn Account. Can you please add Gold Coast, Australia as a location option in your search field? Brisbane, Australia and Toowoomba, Australia have a search field and we would appreciate it here on the Gold Coast considering our population is over 550,000 & a major Australian tourist destination.
There are a couple of ways to send feedback to LinkedIn about anything that may be bothering you, either way will be received. IF YOU ARE READING THIS ON YOUR MOBILE:
  1. Visit the Contact site – and follow the steps
  2. In the first window asking you to briefly describe the issue, type ‘Location Search Gold Coast, Australia Missing.’
  3. Click ‘Next‘ and complete the boxes
  4. Issue Type – select ‘searching
  5. In which App/Site – select ‘not app/site specific
  6. On What Device – select ‘not device specific
  7. In the Question Box, copy the message above ‘Hi LinkedIn Team..’
  8. Click ‘Submit
  1. Click ‘More‘ in the right column of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click Send Feedback from the menu that appears at the bottom of the page.
  3. In the pop-up window, click I have a suggestion or comment. Use this option to provide your ideas or thoughts about LinkedIn.
  4. Enter your feedback in the text box – copy and paste message above ‘Hi LinkedIn Team..’
  5. Click Send.
Please write DONE in the Comments below when Feedback has been provided & SHARE THIS ARTICLE so that action happens quickly. Thank you in advance for your support in growing our business, reputation and career on the Gold Coast.