The Importance of Knowing the Tools at Your Disposal

The Importance of Knowing the Tools at Your Disposal

I was not born with an instinctive knowledge about how to tie my shoelaces, brush my hair and teeth or the more complex tasks of styling my hair, doing my make-up, cooking a meal or using a computer. My knowledge about how to complete these daily tasks grew out of a need and a desire to understand the tools at my disposal. The more complex tasks required additional research and knowledge to add my unique flair to excel.

The same principal applies to every skill I have developed in life including my understanding of how to use the powerful social sales tool LinkedIn the right way.  I consider LinkedIn a reasonably complex tool but once knowledge is developed about HOW to use the tool the right way you can excel in generating leads and growing your business in less than 15 minutes a day.

Recently LinkedIn made some changes to its Design Layout and you may feel a little lost as a result.  You are not alone, research shows only 11% of members truly understand how to leverage off this powerful, professional social sales tool. Yet out of all the social networks you can market on, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter (Hubspot) and 80% of business-to-business conversions come from LinkedIn which is massive!

There are 9 million members on LinkedIn in Australia and New Zealand alone! What if you were shown how to use the tools on LinkedIn to find and build true connections with just 1% of those members who are in your target market? That is 90 000 people to build a trusted network and share your knowledge with. The key words here are building connection, sharing knowledge and trusted network, let’s remember those words when reaching out to connect and develop knowledge of LinkedIn.

There is a great opportunity for savvy business owners to be ahead of the game and your competition by using simple strategies that can make a massive difference to your business. If you would like to make the shift from simply surviving in a saturated digital marketing space to creating a new, uncontested space of your own, join me for an interactive and practical LinkedIn workshop on Friday Morning the 24th of March in Varsity Lakes.

In this interactive 3.5 hour Workshop you will discover the power of the best social business sales tool, LinkedIn. I will show you the tools at your disposal and share with you proven strategies to create a powerful LinkedIn Profile, attracting your ideal prospects to you, generating leads, engaging your connections and sharing knowledge.

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