The Importance of ‘Why’​ UBER vs TAXI

The Importance of ‘Why’​ UBER vs TAXI

This week, I have focused on the most important question when starting a new business or even working in one – it is ‘why’ you are doing what you do and what you are trying to achieve. An excellent example here is UBER – the ‘why’ for the inventors of this disruptive transport mode in my eyes is pretty simple and one I do support.

UBER wanted to ‘transform the transportation market’ and how they did it was to create a system where every day people can transport people with what? A phone, a personal car that met criteria and the bonus of water, treats and great service. Taxi’s did not have any competition, their monopoly created a lack of appreciation of customer service and an expensive ride and other than transporting people from A to B there was no other deep ‘why’ in my eyes.

However, in 9 months in 2016, UBER lost $2.2 Billion dollars so does that mean UBER’s ‘why’ was not right or is it the opposition to the original concept in a relatively conservative environment and the how and what of doing the why that created their downfall?

This article – raises the question – ‘Uber hasn’t really transformed the transportation market at all. It’s just convinced some gullible investors to subsidize a lot of peoples’ taxi rides.’ While there may be an argument there, I don’t agree – I am with the UBER concept and believe in their WHY and know that because their why is quite clear, the how and what will work itself out and the company will (or should) succeed. Instead of Taxi’s being up in arms about the competition, maybe they can learn from the ‘why’ of UBER. What do you think?

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