The Power of the Right Mentor

The Power of the Right Mentor

What a great session I was involved with tonight held in conjunction with David Burkett from MyMentor for the benefit of Brisbane Junior Chamber of Commerce members.  It was the launch of a program I am most passionate about, the MyMentor program. The energy, motivation & collective brain power was of the highest calibre. Thank you BJCC members, mentors and David Burkett for imparting wisdom and sharing stories and activities to challenge and grow.

A few take-away comments that resonated for me:

There are 2 best days of your life –
1. When you are born
2. When you determine the reason you were born

It is important to dig deep, to learn who you are, the legacy you aim to leave and how to achieve that. You can do this alone and may eventually get there but with the right mentor/s you can be moved to greater heights with clarity and speed. With a clear vision, mission, direction and plan surrounded by the right people and guidance you can go far.

…..My next step is to take a step back and work out where to from here!

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