Where and how do I find my dream job?

Where and how do I find my dream job?

This morning, the Industry Affiliates Program phone rang (as it often does) and I had a positive discussion with an intelligent young man who is almost finished his Mechanical Engineering degree.  He is a mature aged student who has had a wealth of life experience in the army prior to deciding his future lies in the Engineering field.

He rang today to ask our office whether we would like to contact some industry connections he has made over the past two months to secure an Industry Affiliates Program project for other students.  We spoke of the challenges in obtaining a placement and the competitive job market place and how important the Industry Affiliates Program Project is to potentially securing a job in the future.

I thought to myself during our conversation, this young man will go far, he has taken the initiative to define his own future project and ultimately career.  He researched organisations he wanted to work for, found the right person to speak with, told them about himself and asked whether there were any projects he could help develop.  He then crafted a customised cover letter for each application that demonstrated his knowledge of the organisation he wanted to work for, he built a detailed LinkedIn profile to expand his networks and developed an excellent Resume.  I have no doubt this student will secure his dream job down the track because he has shown evidence of his ability to tap into the hidden job market.

What is this hidden job market I speak of?  Learn all about it from leading executive recruiter, Richard Triggs at the Career Skills Conference at Griffith University Nathan Campus next Thursday, the 18th of February from 8:30-4pm.

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